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Ending California’s Man-made Water Crisis

In the face of emerging food shortages in the United States and worldwide, harsh water restrictions/regulations on our farmers, ranchers, and cities’ water supplies continue to prevent Californians from using available technology and resources to their fullest capacity.

Consider that over 400 California commodities contribute to agricultural abundance in America. Over a third of this nation’s vegetables and two-thirds of the nation’s fruits and nuts are grown here, including dairy products, cattle, and calves.

And you, the California voter, have spoken. 

You want an abundant, reliable water supply. And to make this happen, you have approved ten water bonds over the last quarter-century. These bond measures have cost you over $30 billion. Yet still, the water crisis rages on.   

Bond measures have only increased the absurd amount of taxes you pay. You already pay the nation’s highest income, gasoline, sales, corporate, and small business tax! Even Veterans must pay 100% of their military pension to the state!

And despite what the Leftists tell you, rationing water is not the solution. Case in point: California is still set to over-regulate your personal lives. Starting in November of 2023, a statewide indoor water use standard of 55 gallons per person per day has been signed into law. 

People in places like the City of Clovis use 222.8 gallons per day on average. According to American Water’s calculator, “an eight-minute shower, four trips to the toilet, and ten minutes of running water (for brushing teeth, cooking, and drinking) can consume 43 of those 55 gallons. Note: This does not include the amount of water you will need to wash your laundry, wash the dishes, run the dishwasher, or feed your pets! In effect, this is the Left’s socialist creep of third-world-country-like controls over your and my personal lives.

Furthermore, “50 percent of the state’s water goes to environmental uses, about 40 percent for agriculture and about 10 percent for urban uses, with 5.7% for residential use,” according to Steve Greenhut.

Consider the following: The Los Angeles River gets between 50% and 70% water during a storm. That river water then runs into the ocean. However, that is enough water to meet the needs of the people of Los Angeles for nearly a year. Indeed, more than 80% of the region’s rainfall ends up in the Pacific Ocean.

After listening to testimony presented to the United States Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee’s Subcommittee on Water and Power, the Left is not on the side of citizens living under restrictive and, at times, deadly drought conditions.  And it is not because federal dollars are not already available to use on California state water projects.

If only the Left would divert water back to human use. Know that “80% of the water from the Sierra Nevada snowpack is dumped into the Pacific Ocean” every year. Just think, if only 75% of that water ran into the ocean, there would be enough water for everyone, including farmers, ranchers, cities, and the environment.

Farmers need water to grow the food we eat, and ranchers need water to raise the livestock that produces the dairy products and meat we enjoy.  Tragically, animals have been slaughtered due to the lack of available water, thanks to the Democrats’ policies. And because most grazing pastures are not irrigated, ranchers rely heavily upon rainwater to replenish the grasses the cattle eat and the springs, streams, ponds, and wells where they drink.  Without enough rainwater, this drinking supply must be furnished by other means. 

Nevertheless, unelected political appointees on the State Water Resources Control Board have made it extremely difficult and costly for farmers and ranchers to replenish the needed water supplies for California’s food supply and prevent significant food shortages now on the horizon. Bureaucrats on the California State Water Resources Control Board cut water supply by 95% in 2021 for about two million acres of California’s irrigated farmland.

It is time that California water becomes abundant and exportable.  

Solution:  End the punitive measures and procedures by the Left. They have prevented water projects from being approved or have made it so restrictive it has been impossible to remedy the water crisis in California and throughout the Western region of the United States.

I will work to accomplish the following: 

1. Establish by legislation a Water Infrastructure Funding Act and make it a fixed percentage of the general fund for states which suffer from drought conditions to finance ongoing water storage infrastructure projects annually; 

2. Capture and store runoff water and upgrade and increase the capacity of existing surface storage, such as California’s San Luis and Shasta reservoirs;

3. Expand the number of reservoirs for runoff water and groundwater.  Case in point: According to one farmer I spoke to in the Central Valley, we need to capture the enormous amount of excess water during wet years by building a series of off-stream reservoirs south of the San Luis Reservoir in canyons that are currently dry. The cost would be minimal. And create more aquifers;

4. Develop fog-capture sites up and down the state to provide 100% pure drinking water for state residents. Israel, even now, provides this cutting-edge technology and is exporting water to its neighbors, and, and;  

5. Create additional desalination plants. We can make clean, safe water from a drought-proof source in the ocean. See:”HYPERLINK “”, and “” With its latest desalination methods, drip irrigation, water recycling, and sustainable water conservation policies, Israel  has increased its water supply and amazingly transformed its water shortage into a water surplus!

6. Establish more reclamation plants.  Through public-private partnerships, we can do what IDE Water Technologies, a world leader in water treatment solutions, has done.  It has launched the Afikey Maim Facility project, the first of its kind, which reuses brackish surface water reclaimed from the southern Jordan River’s polluted waters.  Now the Afikey Maim Facility supplies water for agricultural and industrial use.

Working to pass urgently needed legislation to increase the water available to every Californian, this State can become an exporter of water, not unlike the State of Israel, which has overcome historical and, at times, severe drought conditions.    

Finally, Harvard University is buying up California vineyards to control the groundwater rights and thereby manipulate California’s water use regulations.

I will work to pass legislation to prevent Harvard, a private liberal university, and every other entity, including communist China, from quietly buying up more California vineyards and farms. To date, Harvard has already purchased $305 million worth of California vineyards for the groundwater rights.  Furthermore, the vineyards’ prime access to groundwater makes them increasingly valuable during a drought. “”

Working together, we can provide an abundant water supply to feed and prosper the citizens of the Golden State.